Lanmei Airlines’ International Children’s Day Charity Event

2019-02-20 12:48:05

author: Lanmei Airlines


Lanmei Airlines’ International Children’s Day Charity Event

On May 31th 2018, one day before the International Children’s Day, volunteers from Lanmei Airlines went to Koh Prak Primary school to initiate a charity event aiming at helping those underprivileged students.

Volunteers were warmly welcomed by more than 300 students when stepped into this school. Administrative VP Mr. Wang Hongxue of Lanmei Airlines sent his greetings to everyone in Koh Prak Primary school, encouraging all students to join Lanmei Airlines in the future so as to explore the world through their diligent work. After Mr. Wang’s speech, volunteers dispatched fresh foods to students and then had a aviation quiz and interactive games with students.

To give back to society, Lanmei Airlines established “Hundred Riel” Thanksgiving foundation. Witnessed by Venerable Monks Samdech Sanghareach, Deputy Prime Minister Hor Nam Hong and Chinese Ambassador Mr. Xiong Bo, this foundation was inaugurated on 9th October 2017, aiming at promoting Buddhism culture exchanges and helping underprivileged students. “Hundred Riel” indicates that Lanmei Airlines shall take out 100 riel from each ticket to donate to the foundation, also implies Lanmei Airlines shall focus and support public interests with 100% efforts.