How To Pay With Credit Card ?

Question: If I have VISA / MasterCard or other credit cards, which payment method should I choose? Answer: Both PayPal & UnionPay support payment with Credit Card, including VISA & MasterCard.   Now!Let’s follow the sim...

How to get & use vouchers of Member Day ?

A. HOW TO GET? Step 1  OR Step 2    Step 3 B. HOW TO CHECK ? Step 4    C. HOW TO USE? Step 5 Step 6  

Lanmei Online Booking Guidance and Usage of Coupon

中文购票指引请点击。 Please click English guidance. សូមកត់សម្គាល់ការណែនាំជាភាសាខែ្មរ

Important information about round-trip tickets that passengers must have for entry to Palau

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please! According to Palau International Airport, passengers currently often enter Palau without holding round-trip itineraries or electronic tickets. In this regard, relev...